April 6-8 2023
Shanghai New International Expo Center


Shanghai New International Expo Center

April 6-8 2023

WEPACK (World Expo of Packaging Industry), held by Reed Exhibitions, is a global mega gala with foresight, pioneering power and influence covering the whole packaging industry chain strategically cooperated with WPO (World Packaging Organization). WEPACK encompasses seven themed exhibitions, such as SinoCorrugated 2023, SinoFoldingCarton 2023, PACKCON 2023, SinoPaper  2023, Intralogistics and Process Management Expo (InMAT) 2023, DPrint 2023, Food Pack&Tech 2023. The exhibition scale continues expanding and the categories of exhibits are constantly enriched.


Seizing the peak purchase season , held in Shanghai New International Expo Center,  going deep in the country and rippling throughout the world, WEPACK World Expo of Packaging Industry is expected to attracted over 120,000 buyers with high purchase power to attend the event. WEPACK World Expo of Packaging Industry allows exhibitors to showcase their products and technologies more deeply, saves visitors time to travel around and enables them to systematically learn about the panorama of the packaging industry chain. It is indeed a mega gala event of the global packaging industry chain.






Online & Onsite Visitors

Venue——Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

A landmark building in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center boasts a gross floor area of 1,600,000 m2 in Phase I and an indoor exhibition area of 400,000 m2. When completed, it will enjoy a total indoor exhibition area of 500,000 m², becoming the largest exhibition hall in the world. A large exhibition complex encompassing exhibitions, conferences, art performance, sports and catering, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center will provide an international platform exploring infinite business opportunities.

★ A world-class mega exhibition complex

★ Distinct regional advantages

★ Meet different needs of exhibition facilities

★ Large conference facilities

Why to Exhibit

Realize strategic cooperation with authoritative institutions

A global organization that provides services for the common interests of the packaging industry, World Packaging Organization (WPO) is known as the "United Nations" of the world packaging industry. Recently, having reached a strategic cooperation agreement with WEPACK, WPO will organize packaging associations from over 50 countries to participate and visit, and hold an international packaging Forum on site to continue supporting the development of WEPACK.

Ride the wave of "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area"

As one of the regions with the highest degree of openness and the strongest economic vitality as well as a major demonstration area of the "Belt and Road" global community with a shared future, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a key area for interaction with Southeast Asian countries. In Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong is known as the third-largest financial center and global logistics center; Guangzhou is an international trade center and a global logistics hub; Shenzhen is competitive in scientific innovation, emerging industries and financial fields; the Pearl River Delta is the world's manufacturing base. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, therefore, boasts the advantages of comprehensive supporting production services, advanced technology, developed logistics and high foreign processing trade volume. Meanwhile, home to over 10,000 printing and packaging enterprises and nearly 600 enterprises above designated size, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ranks at the forefront in China in terms of scale, total value, number of employees, proportion of overseas market services, enterprise development level and printing and packaging process design.

New site at the world-class mega exhibition complex-Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

In 2022, WEPACK will move to Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, the world-class mega exhibition complex, which boasts exhibition halls with better geographical location, larger area and more complete supporting facilities. The organizer will set up a more reasonable layout of the exhibition hall according to the categorization of exhibits, so as to bring better exhibition and visit experience for exhibitors and visitors and improve the return on investment of exhibitors.

Create a packaging market ecological chain covering packaging raw materials, processing equipment, packaging products and processes

Encompassing seven exhibitions, namely SinoCorrugated South, SinoFoldingCarton, SinoFlexPack, Dprint, SinoPaper, PACKCON and Intralogistics and Process Management Expo, as an industrial mega gala covering 160,000 square meters in the whole packaging industry chain, WEPACK puts forward one-stop solutions centering on the problems of raw material purchase, production and processing process, packaging technology, packaging products and processes, etc. of packaging enterprises, builds a closed loop of big packaging industry chain, and effectively helps exhibitors reach out to purchasing buyers in other packaging industries and trigger indefinite business opportunities.

Face the development of global packaging industry after the pandemic

WEPACK 2022 enables exhibitors to eye the vigorous development of domestic economy after the pandemic. The packaging industry, as a supporting service, oozes new vitality, resulting in upgrading demands of automatic and intelligent equipment, as well as incremental demands for existing equipment, technology and consumable upgrading under the current backflow of numerous overseas orders; at the same time, with the roll-out of vaccines, the world will gradually open up, and supporting packaging demands brought by overseas economic recovery will surge. Overseas packaging enterprises' demands for cost-effective equipment will galvanize exhibitors to fully grasp the market opportunities at home and abroad.

7 in 1 Mega Show

SinoCorrugated 2023

SinoCorrugated is organized by RX, one of the leading event organizers globally. The year 2022 marks the 21th year of SinoCorrugated. For the past 20 years, RX is organizing the leading exhibition of the international corrugated board industry. The exhibition has been rooted in the Chinese market for 18 years and become a must-go platform for the whole industry chain.

SinoFoldingCarton 2023

SinoFoldingCarton is organized by Reed Exhibitions, one of the leading event organizers globally. For the past 20 years, Reed Exhibitions is organizing the leading exhibition of the international corrugated board industry. The exhibition has been rooted in the Chinese market for 17 years and has become a must-go platform for the whole industry chain.

SinoPaper 2023

SinoPaper, hosted by RX, is a professional trade show where showcases three major categories paper, i.e., packaging paper, printing paper and specialty paper. The 2022 edition by leveraging Reed's domestic and overseas market resources, is going to gather more than 90,000 global insiders mainly including purchasing decision-makers and management from package printing factory, folding carton printing factory and end-users, agents and designers.

DPrint 2023

Digital Printing Equipment and Technology Expo (DPrint) is a specialized exhibition focusing on digital printing and post-press equipment and technology. Digital Printing Equipment and Technology Expo will create more business exchange opportunities between professional buyers and vendors in the packaging industry by addressing the market trend and technology application related to the packaging industry and actively promote the application of digital printing technology in the packaging industry at the same time.


FOOD PACK & TECH strives to create a unique yet concrete trade platform for innovative food packaging product processing equipment and leading food-grade packaging materials in the packaging industry. Focusing on the field of food contactable packaging as well as covering the whole process of packaging product manufacturing, processing, molding and testing, the exhibition is a one-stop trade platform showcasing leading food contactable packaging manufacturing equipment, materials and technologies. 

InMAT 2023

Intralogistics and Process Management Expo (InMAT) is a professional trade show that is oriented towards the integration and automation of internal factory transportation and packaging of materials and products. It is dedicated to the display of intelligent and efficient operations and solutions of equipment, technologies and services concerning intralogistics, from the inflow of raw materials, to production and packaging.


PACKCON 2023 is a specialized platform for displaying various packaging containers. Focus on packaging containers of paper, plastic, metal, glass and other materials, providing all innovative packaging materials, structures, designs and packaging solutions. Over 10,000 packaging R&D experts and purchasing professionals from end-user industry have invited to attend this fabulous event.