April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

China Travel Tips

China Travel tips for Foreigners in entering China

Hello, exhibitors and visitors!

Welcome to China! a trip to RX China events guarantees an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Continue reading to ensure a seamless journey:

1)  China Entry Requirements:

To enter China, international travelers must have a valid passport and a visa unless they are eligible for a visa-free entry or a visa-on-arrival.  In addition,  you need to complete the China Health Declaration Form, which is a document that must be completed by all travelers entering China. We suggest you download the form  from the WeChat or Alipay mini-program of China Customs (scan the QR code below) or online through the Chinese National Immigration Administration website.  Please note the followings:

a)   Complete the form within 24 hours before arrival or departure, capture the screenshot of the QR Code, save it in your mobile phone prior to entering or leaving China immigration.  Each declaration will only enable you to enter or leave the immigration once.

b)   Scan the below QR Code via WeChat ,Alipay or scan with your mobile camara ;for the website link, please click (https://htdecl.chinaport.gov.cn/htdeclweb/home/pages/healthDeclare/declare.html), to access declaration application page;

c)   Procedure in completing the declaration form (take Alipay as example):

Step 1: Scan the QR code via Alipay;

Step 2: Choose Health Declaration/Edit Health Declaration.

Step 3: Fill in relevant information truthfully. Flight number and seat number on the form are optional. 

Step 4: After completing all required information, click “Declare” button;

Step 5: Save a screenshot of the code in your mobile. The code is only valid within 24hours of declaration and only use for ONE Time. 

2)  Payment in China

Majority of payments in China are made via apps and online. The two app payment giants in China are Tencent's WeChat and Alibaba's Alipay. Both are being used for most things in China: in-store and online shopping, Didi and taxis (with QR code) and food delivery.

a)   Setting up WeChat and Alipay Payment:

i) iPhones still offers both on the App Store. Then you'll need a China SIM card (so that you have a Chinese number for authentication purposes). If you're using a phone you brought in from abroad, it must be unlocked, i.e. able to use China phone companies' networks via one of their SIMs. Without a Chinese SIM, you'll find WeChat/Alipay payments are impossible to set up.

ii) Once you've downloaded the apps(Wechat/Alipay) and get a text message connection, it's time to connect your bank account.  Linking your bank card is the key step before moving forward. Any Chinese bank account (anything using UnionPay) would be ideal. 

iii) Link your Card with Mobile Payment(Wechat/Alipay:

b)   Link with Wechat Payment:

Step 1) Open WeChat on your phone, find the " Me"  section on the bottom, and then tap " Service"→" Wallet".

Step 2) Select " Cards", then click to "+ Add a Card" to your WeChat Wallet.

Step 3) Enter your card number and general information. This includes your name, passport ID info, phone number, and other details specific to the card.

Step 4) Read the "Service Agreement" and click "agree and link".

Step 5) Enter your phone number again, then fill in the verification code sent to your phone.

Step 6) Set up your personal password to use when making purchases.

c)   Link bank card with Alipay

Step 1) Open Alipay, go to "Me", and select "Bank Cards".

Step 2) Click "+ Add new bank card" to add your card.

Step 3) Enter your debit card number.

Step 4) Enter your mobile phone number registered with your Chinese bank account.

Step 5) Read the "Service Agreement" and click "agree and link".

Step 6) Enter the verification code to verify your phone number. And your card is ready to go.

WeChat and Alipay accept some foreign banks' cards, like HSBC's, in a more limited way.

The Alipay International Version accepts foreign bank cards for top ups of up to 2,000 yuan a time, but only for 3 months with its Tour Pass. With this you can spend in China, but not receive money or transfer the money back to your overseas bank.

WeChat Wallet can also bind foreign cards, but only credit cards work.

Confirming your identity: You will need to answer some questions, fill in your passport details and upload a photo of your passport and take a photo of yourself to confirm your identity for both WeChat Pay and Alipay usage. Your passport information must match the details held by your bank.

3)   Urban transportation:

Most people in China use DiDi for taking taxi, you can find DiDi mini program in WeChat and Alipay.

3.1) Taking Taxi:

Step 1: Search "DiDi" in your Alipay or WeChat APP

Step 2: Choose your location and your destination

Step 3: Choose your preferred type of car (Taxi, Premier, and Express are recommended)

Step 4: Confirm the request and wait for the driver

Step 5: The fee will be paid via your Alipay or WeChat account after you get off from the taxi

3.2) Taking Subway/Metro in Shanghai:

Step 1: Step 1: Download “Metro大都会” from APP store;

Step 2: Register an account

Choose your country → fill in your mobile number → get the code → set the password (the password must be at least 8 characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers) → click "Register"

Step 3: Activate your account

After registration, you will see this page, please click "Activate now"

Step 4: Authentication

Enter your name, choose your ID type(such as passport),and enter your ID number, then click "Next"

Step 5: Payment setting

You can choose Alipay or Pay with Marstercard. It's suggested to choose Alipay, and below will take Alipay as an example.

4) Dining in China:

4.1) Ordering food in restaurant:

Most of the restaurants use Digital Menu for ordering by scanning the QR code on the table via WeChat or Alipay, If you don’t want to do so, please ask the waiter for a print menu and take the order.

4.2) Check the bill:

a)   Pay with Alipay or WeChat:  This is the preferred mode of payment in China, please set up your Alipay or WeChat payment account in advance.

b)   Pay by credit card: This is available in big/formal restaurants, Master Card or Visa Card are acceptable, please communicate with the waiter in advance if you would like to pay with credit card.

c)   Pay by cash: Please prepare small change and pay for the exact amount as most of the restaurants do not have enough cash on hand

We wish you a pleasant journey in China and look forward to welcome you at RX China events very soon!